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NOTE: When registration opens, some programs will sell out very quickly.  It is common for our programs to sell out PRIOR to the expected close of registration.  It is strongly recommended that you register early to secure your spot.

Fall 2024 Player Registration

Please use this link to register players for the Fall 2024 season of HBA.

Please note that for the Fall 2024 season, players are placed in the division as of their age on August 1.  If you would like to request them to be in a different division, please submit requests via email to and include that in your registration notes.  Requests MUST be submitted via e-mail as registration notes are not reviewed until registration closes.  Not all requests are able to be honored and they are considered first based on the players in the correct division as well as the order in which they are received.

Coaching registration for Fall 2024

To register as a coach for the Fall, please read carefully and complete the appropriate registration below. 

If you are not currently coaching in the spring 2024 season, you’ll need to use the “2024 Coach/Volunteer with Background Screening” link and complete the required training and background check..

All adult volunteers are required to complete an annual background check in order to be a volunteer with HBA as well as submit proof of mandatory training requirements as described below the registration link.  

If you coached in the spring 2024 season, please use the 2nd link below titled “Fall 2024 Coach/Volunteer – coached in spring 2024 season” as you only need to complete the background check and submit the training documents once per year.

Training courses required for Coach Registration

As part of the registration process to be a volunteer coach for HBA, there is a requirement for training that must be  maintained.  Completion certificates must uploaded for registration to be complete.  There are links to these courses in the registration, but it is recommended to complete them prior to beginning the registration process.  

Note: Concussion training certificates that are dated 2023 are still good for 2024.  If you need to obtain your certificate from NFHS you can retrieve your certificate from their website.

The Protecting Students from Abuse course is required to be completed annually.  Therefore, everyone will be to take this course and have a certificate dated in 2024.  

NFHS Learn Concussion Training

NFHS: Protecting Students from Abuse

2024 Buddy Ball Registration is complete

Buddy ball has started and registration will open again in 2025.