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Programs Offered

Programs and Age Divisions

Hilliard Baseball Association offers baseball programs for ages 3 through Pony.  There are two seasons per year, the spring/summer league and the fall league for all programs listed below except for Buddy Ball which is spring/summer only.  Our rules for play in all divisions below have requirements that allow everyone an opportunity to play and learn multiple positions on the field.  The age division players are placed in is determined by the player's age as of May 1 for the spring season and August 1 for the fall season.  Below is a brief description of all our programs offered.

NOTE: When registration opens, some programs will sell out very quickly.  It is common for our programs to sell out PRIOR to the expected close of registration.  It is strongly recommended that you register early to secure your spot.


3/4 Year old instructional league:  We offer an opportunity for those players that are just learning the game of baseball.   Players will meet one time per week for 90 minutes during which players will practice on the fundamental elements necessary for beginning players and then play a scrimmage to test the skills learned.  This program is designed for beginners.


5 and 6 Year old t-ball league: This program is for players that are 5 or 6, and are either new to tee-ball or are ready to begin hitting off of a coach.  Our program allows players to continue to utilize a tee during to make sure everyone gets an opportunity to hit and learn the game.  No score is kept in this division and the entire batting lineup gets an opportunity to hit each inning.  


7 and 8 Year old coach pitch league: This program is for players that are 7 or 8 and are more ready to play a game where players of all abilities have a chance to enjoy the game.  In this division the games more closely resemble baseball, the score is kept, and umpires are utilized.  This division allows the players to learn and practice the fundamentals of fielding and baserunning, while being able to bat with a coach pitching to them. 


9 and 10 Year old kid pitch league: This program is for players that are 9 and 10 years old but has some rule adjustments in place to help keep games competitive as players are learning the positions of pitcher and catcher.  This is the age division which players pitch for the first time.  In this division players will continue to build on the fundamentals and knowledge of the game they gained in the earlier age divisions. 


11 and 12 Year old kid pitch league: This program is for players that are 11 and 12 years old and follows the rules of baseball that will help develop players for the next level and continue to learn the game.  In this division players will on field with slightly larger dimensions than the 9 and 10 division and players will continue to build skills and knowledge of the game.


Pony league: This program is for players that are ages 13 through 18 and follows modified high school baseball rules.  This league does require some travel outside of Hilliard for games.  We partner with likeminded neighboring communities in a joint Pony league that was formed in 2021 called Central Ohio Baseball Recreational Association (COBRA) for the spring season.  This involves playing games at those neighboring communities, most of which are all a short drive from Hilliard when playing away games. The spring/summer season starts in June, after middle school and high school baseball seasons end.  The fall program follows the same timelines as all other age groups. In 2023 our Pony team will be placed into three divisions: 13 & 14 Year old division; 15 & 16 Year old division; and 17 & 18 Year old division.


Hilliard Colts Travel Baseball: Hilliard Colts Travel Baseball provides opportunities for the youth players of Hilliard to compete against travel level teams in the Columbus area. Tryouts are held each July for the next season, and teams practice for most of the year. For more information, visit:


Buddy Ball: HBA offers a “Buddy Ball” division for kids with special needs.  Buddy Ball is for physically and mentally challenged boys and girls to enjoy the full benefits of youth baseball.  The Buddy Ball division welcomes players ages 6 through 18, or those who haven’t completed high school.  This program is not limited to children residing in the Hilliard School District. 


Rules are modified and special equipment, as necessary, is utilized along with a “Buddy” system, to accommodate various levels of skill. The Buddies, selected youth volunteers, are charged with assisting each participant in the field and at bat. The adult coaches and assistants will demonstrate leadership with positive and constructive direction, tempered with patience and understanding. Parents should be able to sit back, relax, and cheer for their child(ren) while they are playing a baseball game. 


Games are typically scheduled to be played on Sunday afternoons in May and June. The games last one hour and consist of two teams of kids, each with a Buddy helper.  There is no fee for this program, it is funded entirely from the registration fees for HBA baseball. 

Buddy Ball is always looking for new players and volunteers!  If you would like more information or have a child that wants to play or volunteer, please email us at: with any questions related to Buddy Ball.